Dear accepted authors of WellComp’19 workshop. Congratulations on your acceptance again!

Please read carefully the information reported below. It is important you follow these instructions to make sure your paper will be included in the proceedings of UbiComp’19.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in UbiComp’19 in London!

WellComp’19 organizers
Tadashi, Jin, John, Fahim, and Susanna

Paper Template

  • Regardless of the type of your presentation (oral or poster), we need your camera-ready submission with the same specification. A paper should have a length of *maximum 4 pages* in *the ACM SIGCHI portrait format*, including everything.
  • Please note that the required template had been changed from SIGCHI Extended Abstract format to *the ACM SIGCHI portrait format* as of late June. For those who submitted the original paper with the previous template, you need to change it to *the ACM SIGCHI portrait format* for your camera-ready submission.
  • The template can be downloaded here: Alternatively, the Overleaf version can be found here: Latex documents should use the “sigchi” template style. Word users should use the interim template downloadable from the the ACM link above.

Detailed Format Specification

  • Probably you should get more detailed camera-ready instruction via email (or through this web page) VERY SOON. (We haven’t had any info. yet, as of July 9. We will update this page once we get any info.)

ACM Copyright and Permission

  • We (workshop organizers) already sent the information on all accepted papers to the publisher. Soon (in a few days? not clear) you (contact author) should get an email from ACM about this. Please follow the content of the email. Also, please check your spam folder. It is your responsibility to check your spam folder. 🙂
  • FAQ (1): I haven’t received the email from ACM yet.
    • Please be patient, and wait. The process is usually VERY slow.
  •  FAQ (2): When is the email going to be sent to us?
    • We (WellComp organizers) are not sure. We already passed the authors’ info to the publisher. We need to wait.
  • FAQ (3): My co-author received the email, but I haven’t.
    • We believe all of your co-authors are receiving the same email. So, get that email and proceed to the procedure.
  • FAQ (4): I STILL haven’t received the email from ACM yet.
    • Please contact the publisher person Megh ( ). Megh is in charge of publishing all the accepted papers of UbiComp workshops.
      Please give your name, affiliation, the workshop name (WellComp) etc. to Megh when you contact.
  • FAQ((5): I cannot make it to July 12 deadline due to the dealy of ACM email.
    • We understand that situation. This type of delay usually happens. So, please finish your preperation “as fast as” you can.
      We don’t close easychair automatically on July 12. We will keep watching the situation even after July 12.

Uploading your final PDF

  • For your camera-ready uploading, we’ve re-opened easychair submission system. Please upload your camera-ready PDF on easychair.


  • The camera-ready deadline is 23:59, July 12, 2019 (AoE – Anywhere on Earth).
  • Due to delay in the publisher’s side, camera-ready deadline has been extened to July 17 (AoE).

Requirement on registration and presentation

  • At least one of the authors must be registered, attend and present the paper at the workshop venue so that the final paper will be included in UbiComp’19 proceedings.